First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Hey! I’m Rachel and I have decided to start this “anonymous” blog. I put it in speech marks because you see, it’s not all anonymous if I give you my name is it now, but then there’s millions of Rachel’s in the world so don’t go asking the Rachel in your class if she’s started a blog. Although it’d be awkward if somebody came up to me and asked the same question. Ha..sorry I like to think I’m funny – I’m really not. 
Moving on..

I chose to begin this blog because I feel as though this is a really good way to release your feelings without everybody knowing how YOU feel. Nobody knows who this is. Not one person so I love it. Having somewhere where you can just let everything go is great. I’ve never been any good at all at letting my feelings out. In fact, I don’t think anybody in the whole universe knows how I really feel, what my thought process is every..single..day. So I’m really looking forward to getting this blog going. Even if nobody reads this, it makes me feel better. 

A random fact, I talk to lots and lots of friends who I’ve met online. In February I met my internet best friend in real life and it was incredible. The internet has totally changed and improved my life you don’t understand!  

My upload day will hopefully be Wednesdays. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon.

By the way, I’m just ya average teenage girl obsessing over all sorts of singers and sleeping most of the time. 
buh bye xox